Terra Kulture is a name that has become synonymous with Nigerian theatre, having played host to a number of musical and drama performances, even organizing and producing a few of its own. The critically acclaimed Saro: The Musical held in November 2013 – which featured the largest crew in the history of Nigerian theatre with 103 performers – is one of numerous stage productions associated with Terra Kulture.

Over the years, Terra Kulture has developed a reputation as the nerve center for Nigerian theatre, as it frequently hosts stage productions every Sunday throughout the year, both by established and developing names. Through these highly entertaining and memorable plays, musicals, and dance performances, Terra Kulture continues to show its commitment to showcasing the best of Nigerian culture through the promotion and development of the performing arts.

If you would like to take in a show, or to get immersed in the wonders of a musical, pay a visit to the Terra Kulture this Sunday.