Terra Kulture Arts and Studios Limited (formerly Terra Kulture Limited – The Nigerian Cultural Centre) is an educational and recreational organization set up in 2003 to promote the richness and diversity of Nigerian languages, arts and culture. Mrs. Bolanle Austen-Peters has an abiding passion and respect for all cultures and observed that there were few institutions effectively supporting Nigerian culture. There were, and remain, few places in Nigeria with the appropriate ambience for Nigerians and foreigners to learn about Nigeria’s cultural and linguistic heritage. In its 11 years of existence Terra Kulture has organized over 200 art exhibitions , 135 plays, 65 book readings and over 10000 individual adults and children, as well as school trips, have attended our language classes. In 2009 Terra Kulture established the Terra Kulture Auction house, one of only 2 art auction houses in Nigeria. The Auction House has organized numerous art auctions in Lagos and Abuja. The rest of the Centre is comprised of the Nigerian language and craft school, reading and documentation centre, food lounge, the Terra art gallery and the Terra Arena a multipurpose Theatre.


The idea for the establishment of Terra Kulture came from the need to have a cultural hub in protection of Nigerian culture as obtains in other, mostly Western, countries. Today Terra Kulture, a private sector initiative is already a resounding success and recognized as a major cultural hub in Lagos, Nigeria. In recognition of its importance, Terra has attracted visits from internationally recognized personalities such as Roberto Cavalli, Forest Whitaker, Ben Stiller and many diplomats and highly placed local and foreign Government functionaries. It has hosted many repeat visits from local and international students, including from Harvard, MIT, Chinese University of Hong Kong and many others.


Terra Kulture is comprised of various units including the following:

Nigerian language and craft school where Nigerian languages are taught seeks to ensure that Nigerian languages are passed on from generation to generation and made popular at home and abroad. Craft Shop section that promotes made in Nigeria gift and craft items. It has helped in redeveloping the Nigerian hand-craft industry, creating employment and a steady source of income for over 50 craftsmen and women.

Reading and documentation centre, which stocks a wide variety of books on Nigeria and Africa as a whole. The unit anchors book readings, book fairs and organizes symposia and lectures on selected topics. It is proud to have hosted readings by renowned Nigerian authors such as Wole Soyinka, Sefi Atta, Chimamanda Adichie, et al. The book reading sessions have helped to develop new writers and re-awakened the Nigerian reading culture.

Art Gallery, thematic exhibitions focusing on the diversity of Nigeria by celebrating the different cultures and people of Nigeria. The gallery also organizes interactive sessions with renowned members of the art community. The gallery has been in partnership with the Ford Foundation since inception

  • The Terra Kulture Art Gallery
  • Theatre at Terra Kulture
  • The Terra Food Court
  • The Terra Library & Bookstore
  • The Terra Event Center