The Lagos State government in conjunction with Terrakulture constructed nineteen new monuments simultaneously in different areas across the State which would soon be unveiled to further boost the aesthetic landscape of the State. The new monuments would further place the State on global tourism scene and the hub of Africa tourism.

Below are the list of the constructed monuments (click on images to get a better view):



Location: Ipakodo Ikorodu

Music is an integral part of life to the millions of Yoruba’s in West Africa. There is rarely an occasion without a music accompaniment. The sculptural piece DRUMMER can be said to be a representative of the Yoruba musical culture. The drummer man is wearing an Agbada with a cap, carrying on his left arm is the talking drum DUNDUN which is legendary in Yoruba culture. Thus the drummer is a historian, an eclectic, a royalty connected to spirits of the ancestors. He gives life to African music.

By Chinedu Ogakwu




Location: Badagry

By Chinedu Ogakwu


big foot


Location: Ojodu berger

The message is one for our youth to put their best foot forward and to allow them to know that every journey starts with a first step, so go for it.

By Hamza Atta




Location: Marwa Lekki

Virtues of life define the values that separate us as human from instinct driven animal life, because they constitute the qualities that make us true god of the earth. Through them we find fulfilment, meaning and self-actualisation and with them we are able to forge unity, peace and empathy, as we journey towards the place of divine destiny.

By Segun Aiyesan


from ebute


Location: Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way

This 30 feet tall installation of our indigenous life size wooden canoes made in fibre glass, depicts Lagos State water ways, life style, the cultures and coastline traditions. Lagos is an open canvas for the creative minds, and the canoes will always be there in our heart to keep bringing in the creative ones.

By Ade Odunfa


youth empowermet


Location: Sabo Yaba

Youth empowerment is a process where children and young people are encouraged to take charge of their lives. They do this by addressing their situation and then take action in order to improve their access to resources and transform their consciousness through their beliefs, values, and attitudes. Youth empowerment aims to improve quality of life. Youth empowerment is achieved through participation in youth empowerment programs.

This is a sculptural piece that is composed of sculpted books arranged in a disjointed pyramid with figures sitting or standing on them at various points. The idea behind this is to create awareness to the public about the benefits of education to our youths and how it will eradicate social vices from our society.

By Umeh Bede




Location: Ile-Zik – Agege Expressway

The world may be a global village, but Lagos is a community. Coming together is a beginning, but a community working together is the real success and Lagos is the pace-setter state for communal success. Many who do not understand Lagos or have yet to experience Lagos see it as simply another state, but true Lagosians know that Lagos is first a community, a communal city on water.

The core occupation of the first settlers of Lagos was fishing and this informed the use of canoes to represent each Local Government within Lagos State. Community is made up of fifty seven (57) canoes, depicting the twenty (20) LGs and thirty seven (37) LCDAs with their maps carefully designed on individual canoes. The beauty of Lagos is in its level of accommodation of people from the many cultures and backgrounds, hence, the intentional clustered arrangement of canoes. The upright positioning of the canoes was inspired by the skyline of Lagos as a city and a successful metropolis. Asides being an art installation, it also acts as archival material documenting the map of Lagos.

The artist has created this art to showcase the beauty of Lagos, while not forgetting to inform that Lagos @ 50 is a united state, standing together, proud, with roots deeply embedded in the rivers of accord that the boats sail on. This installation art is an excellent display of the unity of community in Lagos because it is in the shelter of each other that people live, survive and grow.

By Abolore Sobayo




Location: Allen Roundabout Ikeja

Freedom is never given or offered, it is always won through hard, grueling work. When that Freedom is won, some like to term it independence, but we in Lagos choose to term it Liberation. This striking pose of the iconic Fela Anikulapo-Kuti who once walked these very streets of Lagos is a physical representation of the true essence of a legend who led a struggle for the emancipation of his people.

The artist chose to leave the statue headless in order that people can appreciate freedom through the essence of Fela while thinking about the positivity in the message of Fela’s music. This statue is a testament of a unique and progressive Lagos @ 50; a Lagos that recognises the struggle of its citizens.It is only befitting that such a monument is situated in the heart of the capital of Lagos as a salute to every Lagosian who has at one time or the other, fought for liberation

By Abolore Sobayo




Location: Epe

The Message is to associate the fishing community with the fish that puts Epe on the Map. In Epe We celebrate FISH, this is our pride.

By Hamza Atta


nerve center


Location: Maryland Bustop

The nerve centre, comprising of five concrete abstract columns sitting on concrete square slabs. Fifty fiberglass figures stand in tens on each of the columns. Each of the concrete pillars represents ten years of the official existence of Lagos all together making up fifty. The solid concrete base signifies the solid leadership in Lagos state. These bases support the pillars and the people on them as the government of Lagos state supports the state and its people in various ways.

The fifty figures depict the vast population in Lagos state as it also embraces and accommodates the largest and most diverse socio-cultural populace in Nigeria. The human figures are placed right at the top of the entire monument because the leadership of Lagos puts the people first.

By Gerald Chukwuma